With 4 million nurses among us, chances are we all have a nurse friend or loved one. American Nurses Association celebrates nurses’ collective work this week as 4 Million Reasons to Celebrate.  

Nurses give so much in their work, yet are exposed to higher-than-average workplace violence in their role as largest group of healthcare professionals in the U.S. Health care workers have a 20 percent higher chance of being a victim of workplace violence or witnessing violence than workers in other sectors. Nurses may also have early morning/late night shifts that leave them feeling vulnerable or provide home based care in unfamiliar or unsafe neighborhoods.

“Being a health care provider, we are often put at risk in unsafe situations. Being on-call and reporting to work at all hours of the night for emergency OR cases and parking in a garage that is not always under 24 hour surveillance, I feel like I have an extra sense of security with my KATANA Arc.” – Sally

The American Nurses Association celebrates nurses’ collective work this week with an open invitation to #ThankaNurse and join their campaign #EndNurseAbuse.






At KATANA Safety, we created a device to help anyone have more peace of mind when they are in a vulnerable situation.  We are grateful for the opportunity to empower victims and survivors of sexual assault. While we hope that one day sexual assault will end and our product will no longer be necessary, we know that there is still so much work to be done to make that happen.  Until then, we will work to help survivors heal by providing them with a tool.