KATANA Safety wants to ensure our 24/7 Response Center subscribers are ready to trigger an alert in any emergency or vulnerable situation. We recommend triggering a test alert at least monthly to familiarize you with the Arc, App & Response Center and make sure you are prepared for any situation.
Important reminders
1)  Keep KATANA Safety App updated. The latest version is 3.0.2 (via App Store or Google Play).
2) Save “KATANA Safety Response Center” in your phone contacts so you recognize the number: (405) 949-5407.
3) If you have not set up your App profile, wait 60 minutes after set up before testing (to sync with Response Center). 

TEST your Arc by triggering an alert – Four Options*
* If you choose to test multiple alerts (Audible, Silent, in App), please wait 10-15 minutes between each test.



If you have any trouble testing an alert please contact us 1-855-KATANA1.