Hurricane season is in full swing. While you are preparing your home for hurricanes, it’s also important to prepare your family.

1️⃣ Write a family emergency plan. Bonus tip: has an amazing family emergency plan to get you started.

2️⃣ Practice practice practice your plan together. Not only will this help with muscle memory but will also highlight in real-time any holes or missed opportunities

3️⃣ Read the community hurricane response plan which should include information on things like shelter location, notification channels, evacuation plans, etc

4️⃣ Does everyone in your family know who and when to call in a critical moment? Set up your family emergency contact numbers including school and workplace phone numbers

5️⃣ Establish an emergency meeting place. It’s not always possible to head home whenever a weather warning is issued. Your family may well get separated when the hurricane arrives. Set up an emergency meeting location and backup locations for after the storm.

Did you know KATANA Safety can be incorporated into your emergency plan? You can set up your Circle of Safety (emergency contacts) so that they are notified via text/email/phone call when you trigger a call for help, and they are sent your exact location when you need it the most.

Bonus tip: with the click of a button, send your loved ones a check-in as often as you like so they know where you are in case you are separated or as you travel to a safe location.

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