When you care about your employees, you demonstrate it by providing proactive solutions that meet their basic needs. Feeling safe and secure is key to productivity. KATANA Safety goes above and beyond the basic panic button to give employees always on access to a team of people dedicated to responding to crises in a personal, professional way.

Protection for the Most Valuable Asset – Your Employees

KATANA Safety provides innovative technology to mitigate risk, reduce liability and assist organizations with OSHA’s Lone Worker Duty of Care requirements.

Industries We Work With

Corporate Safety

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Duty of Care – 21st century corporate leadership must treat safety, security, and incident prevention as a business priority. U.S. companies spend more than $300 billion annually on legal fees, investigations and lost wages stemming from incidents of workplace violence, theft, injury and misconduct.

Service & Home Delivery Safety

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Most in-home service professionals and delivery employees perform their jobs alone and require protection against robbery and attacks. Many attacks on food deliverers can stem from robbery since they are known to carry cash. 

Lone Workers

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A lone worker is anyone who works by themselves, out of sight and sound of another colleague. This can include Home Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction, Social Work, Hospitality, Education, Transit/Traffic, Utility Work, Food Delivery, and more. 

Cleaning & Hospitality Safety

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Fatal injuries in the leisure and hospitality sector were up 32 percent and reached an all-time series high last year. Lone Workers in the hospitality industry, such as housekeeping staff going in and out of rooms alone face risks every day. Cleaning services often working alone from office to office, or night shift managers who work the front desk alone during odd hours.

Sales Reps

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Sales Reps are often traveling alone to appointments and to other cities which can put them at risk for attack or worse.

Transportation & Rideshare Safety

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Those who work in the transportation sector, such as uber, cabs, bus, and limp drivers require extra lone worker safety due to certain risks they face. Many traffic and transit employees work during odd hours, resulting in less supervision and facing increased risk due to isolation.

Did You Know?

 U.S. companies spend more than $300 billion annually on legal fees, investigations and lost wages stemming from incidents of workplace violence, theft, injury and misconduct.

Risk prevention yields a far greater return on investment than responding to an incident after the fact. KATANA is built to assist in lone worker attacks or workplace violence, workplace injuries, and others.

KATANA Safety is an easy-to-use platform that powers enterprises to mitigate risks and create a “return on prevention” by surfacing actionable people-sourced safety and security intelligence on some of the most critical types of risks facing organizations today.

Our Enterprise Employee Safety Solution Includes:

• Safety Compliance Reporting

• Corporate Administration User Portal

• Customized Dashboard

• Multi User/Transferrable Licenses

• Dedicated Training

• Dedicated Customer Support

Safety Wallet

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If you are interested in learning how KATANA Safety can benefit your business and provide your employees peace of mind, please reach out by completing the form below or calling one of our representatives at 1-855-KATANA1.