Your Circle of Safety is a trusted network of people you select to be notified with options to assist, if you ever need to trigger a safety alert. The number of members in your Circle of Safety depends on your 24/7 Response Center Membership.

circle of safety graphic


Your Circle of Friends and Family Can Get Involved and be added to your personal Safety Circle of Seven. If an alert is triggered, and no contact is made with the Response Center (active subscription required), KATANA Safety™ equips your Circle of 7 with your location.

Simply Select up to 7 individuals to be part of your Circle of Safety

The Circle are trusted friends/family who will be alerted if an alarm is triggered.

Individuals who have been included into your circle will be notified if you ever need help.

Circle Members will be able to develop a plan of action to help

CIRCLE Member Notifications provide an extra layer of defense

Text – Each member will receive a text message notification about the alert.

Map – The text message will include a link to a MAP that will display your exact location.

Conference Call – members are automatically placed into an automatic Conference Call for those who can help.



Get your Safety Wallet and create your own KATANA Circle of Safety today and save each month by purchasing one of our extended pre-paid memberships.