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KATANA Safety is the only personal safety solution that adheres to a smartphone and bypasses the lock screen to launch an emergency response platform with the push of a button.

To learn more about KATANA Safety & it’s features, watch the videos provided in this training section.


Customize The Audible Alarm

Did you know that you can change the audible panic alarm siren of the KATANA Safety device? There are several different alarm sirens to choose from in the app. To adjust the alarm siren, simply navigate to the KATANA Safety app and select 'settings' from the menu. You...

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Trigger an Alert Hands Free

You already know by now the three different ways to trigger an alert, but did you know that there is also a hands-free option? You can use your smartphone's voice command to trigger an alert without having to physically pull the red tab. You can even program your...

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Circle of Safety

The Circle of Safety is a trusted network of people selected to be notified with options to assist if a safety alert is ever triggered.THERE’S STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Your Circle can get involved and be added to your personal Safety Circle of Seven. If an alert is...

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It’s Not Just For Emergencies

The KATANA Safety device is there for you in a time of emergency with features like audible and silent alarms that bypass your phone’s lock screen. But what about during your day-to-day life? Who do you call when you’re feeling uncomfortable or scared? Your...

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