KATANA Safety App


Whether you’re traveling for business, going on a run alone, or walking back from class at night, the KATANA Safety App gives you the tools to protect yourself in any situation.

It creates a trusted network of people (“Circle of Safety”) to notify if you’re ever in danger and share your location with, if necessary, as well as provides access to the 24/7 Response Center so you never walk alone (“Walk With Me®”)—and so much more.


App Features Include:

Quick-Trigger Alerts in Unsafe Situations

Precise GPS Identification

“Circle of Safety” Trusted Network

24/7  Response Center

“Walk With Me®” – Never Walk Alone Again

Siri Voice Activation


App Features


Load information to your app profile to better help responders in an emergency.

Circle of Safety

Your Circle of Safety is a trusted network of people you select to be notified with options to assist, if you ever need to trigger an alert. The number of Circle of Safety Members depends on your 24/7 Response Center Subscription.

GPS Locator

Your location is shared if help is needed. A map will be shared with your circle of safety members if an alert is triggered.

24/7 Response Team

Gain access to around the clock trained operators who will contact you, identify your location, and contact  emergency services, if needed, when you trigger an alert.

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Walk With Me®

This premium feature allows you to contact a trained operator at the 24/7 Response Center for non-emergency situations when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Your GPS location will be tracked and the operator will stay on the phone until you feel safe.

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Notifying Your Circle of Safety

When a member triggers an alert, the Response Center will call immediately. If they cannot reach you (3 call attempts), they will dispatch emergency services and notify your Circle of Safety members.

Important New Feature Update


With the new release of KATANA Safety, we have enhanced our panic alerts to also include your phone’s speakers. This ensures you are in control and only you can completely disable a panic alert. 

The Audible Siren will cease upon reinsertion of the panic tab on your Safety + Wallet, and the App enabled audible siren will disable upon unlocking your phone and navigating to the app. Helpful hint: When an alarm is started from your Safety + Wallet, you can quickly navigate to the app by clicking the banner on your phone’s lock screen or notification panel.



Get your Safety Wallet and create your own KATANA Circle of Safety today and save each month by purchasing one of our extended pre-paid memberships.