KATANA Safety App


The KATANA Safety App lets you build your KATANA Safety Circle of Seven, share your location when necessary, manage alerts and your subscription to the KATANA Safety Response Center.


App Features w/ Response Center Subscription

Send Alert

This feature allows you to alert the 24/7 Response Center in emergency situations. The operator will assess the situation & call emergency services using your GPS location if the emergency is confirmed. The operator can also notify your Circle of Seven.

Walk w/ Me

This in-app feature allows you to contact the 24/7 Response Center for non-emergency situations where you feel unsafe or just uncomfortable.

Walk w/ Me – Alert Triggered

Instead of calling a friend, you will have a trained operator on the phone. Your GPS location will be tracked and the operator will stay on the phone until you feel safe.

Notifying Your Circle

When a subscriber triggers an alert, the Response Center will call immediately. If they cannot reach you (3 call attempts), they will notify your Circle.

App Features – No Subscription


Load information to help responders in an emergency.

Circle of Seven

Keep those that are closest to you involved.

GPS Locator

Your location is shared if help is needed.

Notifying Your Circle

When a non-subscriber triggers an alert, the Circle will receive an immediate text message with your map location and will be contacted via automated conference call to coordinate next steps.