Our Purpose

KATANA Safety empowers individuals to manage crisis with clarity and confidence. 

We’ve created the technology that connects you to people helping navigate vulnerable situations before, during and after they might occur.


KATANA Safety™ is a purpose-driven company with a mission to create the dominant personal safety platform for consumers and businesses.

We believe that violence and sexual assault attacks are some of the biggest tragedies we face. Like many people, we’ve been impacted by it, whether through personal experience or the experience of close friends. The ugly truth is, it happens all around us. It’s debilitating, it’s pervasive and no one should be subjected to it. Not us, not our children, not our friends—no one.

We want to create tangible change, and that’s why we built a purpose-driven company with the goal of helping prevent violence and sexual assault using tools we have in our pocket.

We started in 2016 studying existing safety products on the market and found all were missing some part of the perfect personal safety solution.


Must be worn everyday

May be forgotten

Alarms Only

Stop 67% of crime but offer no additional layers of protection


Age limitations

Can’t take everywhere


It became very clear to us that individuals and communities need better solutions to protect themselves and each other.

KATANA Safety™ is the world’s first personal safety system that travels with you on your smartphone. It is the only one that combines 24/7 professional support, a loud alarm and a network of your closest friends to help keep you safe.

Our unique combination of real-time response center support and your own personal Safety Circle of friends and family work together as a powerful alliance that can respond to you whenever and wherever. It’s about all of us working together to keep each other safe and secure.