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What is KATANA Safety?

Katana Safety is a purpose-driven company with a mission to create the dominant personal safety platform for consumers and businesses. The Katana Safety three-layer personal safety solution – the Katana Arc, 24/7 Response Center and App – is the first personal safety system that attaches directly to a smartphone. Though born out of preventing sexual assault on college campuses, the solution can be helpful to anyone that may find themselves alone such as teens, college students, runners, seniors, air travelers, lone workers, home health nurses, social workers, those with a medical concern, and more.

Why create KATANA Safety now?

Experts estimate that in the United States, up to 28 percent of college women will experience some form of sexual assault, with one American being sexually assaulted every 98 seconds. Katana Safety is determined to change these numbers by making personal safety available and affordable to anyone with a smartphone. After learning these staggering statistics, Katana Safety founder and CEO Todd Baldree began researching the personal safety market to find what was missing. “A personal safety solution is only helpful if you have it with you when you need it,” says Baldree. “Anyone can find themselves in a vulnerable situation when they least expect it, so accessibility was paramount. We realized that the perfect safety solution was an alarm and relay device that attached directly to a user’s smartphone – the one thing almost everyone has with them at all times.”


Key Features

  • Piercing audible alert
  • Hidden quick-release wristband
  • Discreet silent alert
  • Bypass locked screen
  • 24/7 On-Demand Response Center
  • Can contact appropriate emergency services
  • Can contact your KATANA Circle of Safety
  • Add friends & family to your KATANA Circle of Safety that will be notified in an emergency by our 24/7 Response Center
  • Alerted GPS tracking


Todd Baldree

Founder & CEO

After seeing The Hunting Ground, a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses, Todd realized it was time for change. Using his experience as a successful entrepreneur, he dedicated himself to combining the tools and technology of the day to create the best possible personal safety solution. Todd’s goal is to prevent bad things from happening to good people by giving everyone the tools to live a safe and empowered life. Todd has extensive experience as Founder and CEO with starting, funding, growing and divesting technology companies with disruptive business models such as Cox CustomMedia, Rentals.com and Level One. He has successfully closed transactions with top institutional funds such as Sequoia Capital, Softbank and Nautic Partners, along with strategic partners such as Cox Enterprises, Primedia and Real Page, Inc.

Paul Ambrose


Paul Ambrose most recently served as the President and the Chief Executive of J&P Park Acquisitions Inc.  Ambrose has been an innovator and leader in the e-commerce industry for over 20 years.  He was named a national finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year program and was the founder and CEO of the largest Multi-Channel/E-Commerce retailer in the gardening space.  From 2000-2009 Mr. Ambrose guided UGC Inc. from a concept to the largest internet retailer of outdoor living products in the USA.  In 2009, Mr. Ambrose sold the company to TabCom Inc.  The list of accomplishments includes being named Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year”, twice awarded the Fastest Growing Companies in South Carolina, and the development of many exclusive strategic partnerships including the first gardening company to be listed as an Amazon.com featured merchant.  In 2015 Mr. Ambrose successfully oversaw the merger and integration of a fourth direct to consumer retail brand, Restorers Inc., and in 2018 directed JPPA Inc. through a successful acquisition of the corporation by Western Capital Resources.  Ambrose is a purpose driven leader that has demonstrated the ability to create an organizational vision, develop an executable business plan, and assemble the optimal organization structure required to achieve the forecasted financial goals.  

Chris Jones


Chris Jones comes to Katana Safety with 18 years of experience in the Software and Technology Industry.  Chris started his career as an engineer then software architect at VeriSign where he honed his skills in enterprise scale application security, performance, and design.  From VeriSign, Chris was brought onboard as the Development Manager for Level One, a young startup that grew to be the preeminent BPO for multi-family marketing and facilities communications.  Level One’s acquisition by RealPage afforded Chris the opportunity to again work for a public and international company, rising ultimately to VP of Development for multiple products and divisions while leading teams across the US and globally. After leaving RealPage, Chris became the VP of Technology Services for Trusource Labs focused on bringing technology and support to some of the internet and IoT’s leading brands. All at the same time Chris has been the founding partner of the Catalpa Group, consulting for startups, energized businesses, and service-oriented companies.  Chris’ real passion is working with startups, and connecting businesses with their customers in a meaningful way, with this passion, Chris made a great fit as the CTO for KATANA Safety.

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