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I got to try the KATANA Safety Wallet and I think I could grow to like it. I’d like it more if it fit better on my phone case and if the siren was a little louder. The $1.99 monthly subscription isn’t bad at all with all that comes with it.

Aug 16, 2020 4:22 PM

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I picked this gadget up a week ago and I was drawn in for the compact wallet and security combo. As a woman this added security with your cards being in one place is very reassuring. The wallet is very good quality and wouldnt break. It’s a solid, useful gadget.

Aug 16, 2020 6:46 AM

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Not only a super loud alarm to alert others when I’m in need, but immediately notifies my circle of family/friends (that I designate) of my location and that I need assistance. Plus contacts emergency response. A simple way to protect myself and improve my chances of getting away from an attacker. Also, it’s sleek and compact and attaches to my phone which ensures I have it with me at all times. Won’t feel so vulnerable the next time I’m out jogging by myself or in a dark parking lot. Liked it so much, I bought one for my sister, too.

Aug 15, 2020 6:52 PM

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this product is really nice & honestly super smart. People always have their phones on them so this is genius. The only thing I don’t like is that it costs to use! My trial period worked wonderfully though and I love the card slots.

Aug 13, 2020 10:25 PM by Angelak194

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After being attacked and sexually assaulted while on a run in broad daylight at a busy park, I’ll never go out of the house again without KATANA Safety!

Melissa, Chicago, IL

Being a survivor of a home invasion and nearly beaten to death with my two young children in the bedroom next to me (and while living in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town), I wish I had KATANA Safety on my nightstand in 2008. I just bought three Arcs for me and my family.

Ashley, Greenville, SC

I just recently got a Katana for my phone and it makes me feel so much safer knowing I have it! I am a young single girl living in a big city and it gives me and my parents both peace of mind.

Olivia Faye

I absolutely love the Katana Safety Personal Security System! I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in Baltimore, MD and it makes me feel so much safer going into empty homes with people I don’t know well. When I’m walking alone at night I’ll put the wristband on and I feel really safe. Also, I love that the Arc comes in so many colors. I have a red one that matches my case perfectly and everyone assumes its just an extra battery.

Kelly Dunn

The perfect running buddy for my wife when I can’t go! I always know she is safe when I am on an off day. Love it!

Mike Harris

I found my perfect running buddy! Now I can go out for a run anytime and feel safe. The cute color is always is plus! ☺️

Hannah Young

KATANA Safety Wallet keeps everything secure and I enjoy using it especially for travel or leaving home. I recommend to friends and family. I was pleasantly surprised how affordable it is to purchase as well.

Aug 16, 2020 7:53 AM

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Super sleek and lightweight. Its not very noticeable on my phone. If I’m just running somewhere quick i dont even need to bring a purse. So easy when everything is attached to your phone. The safety features seem great as well.

Aug 16, 2020 6:21 AM

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I love this. I have never seen one of these before but after reading the instructions, it’s so easy! It has a place to store your credit cards, ID, or whatever! And if you’re walking alone and someone tries to mug you you pull the little alarm on it and it alerts people around you and it connects to your phone and calls their call center while they call the proper authorities. A godsend. Truly would recommend especially for a women who is out and about a lot like me.

Aug 15, 2020 1:52 PM

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I am a runner. I love to run at night and it can be intimidating. I received the Katana safety and it made me feel a lot safer. It’s like a little body guard, it has 3 different features. One is aloud alarm, the next one is a silent alarm and the third is the pull wrist alarm. The katana secures Safely on the back of my phone case. If Necessary the katana is able to be removed easy and mess free. The service is 24/7 and someone is always there to help you in any situation. It’s always great because it can hold a small amount of money or up to three cards. I love that feature because when I run I never have anywhere to put my belongings. So not only does the Katana hold my items but it also makes me feel safe.

Aug 13, 2020 10:20 PM, by vindiola101

Target TryitNow Review

I just bought four Arcs – two for my daughters in college and their roommates.

Catherine, Charleston, SC

Katana is safety at your fingertips. Literally. It attaches to the back of your cell phone, and is with you all the time. It knows your exact location and should a dangerous situation occur, it immediately connects you to a 24/7 emergency response center, and alerts your circle of friends. This is by far my favorite feature, and gives me the utmost peace of mind. When I’ve triggered my alarm before, the call centers response was less than a minute. Amazing product. ❤️ 🙌

Meghan Hodges

I got a Katana because I have a pretty long walk through downtown to get to work. Having this has definitely given me a piece of mind, and my family is thankful knowing if I’m in distress they will be the first to know.

Cassie Rudd

I purchased the Katana Safety Arc 3 months ago and have not left home without it ever since. I am a realtor and am always showing houses in various locations. I feel like it’s a mini bodyguard that is there to help me in case of any emergency or vulnerable situation. The setup is quick and easy. I was all set within 5 minutes of the device arriving at my front door. The call center response for tripping/testing the alarm is almost instant. I recently purchased 2 more Katana Safety Arcs for my sister and niece. It’s well worth the money to feel safe during my daily routines.

Lana Pargh

I am so happy I made this purchase! I’m out and about during the day and night hiking, running, or just spending time with my family and friends. Just knowing I have that added security gives me peace of mind, especially given what is going on in the world today. Such an easy device to use with built in security and safety that easily attaches to my phone. Highly recommended!

Nicole Scott

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